Got questions? Ask away!

Common questions, answered!

You’re taking a leap commissioning a graphic designer and I’m sure you’ve got a billion questions. I’ve answered some common ones below but if you’d like to know anything else, please contact me – I’m more than happy to have a chat with you over the phone!

Don’t worry one bit! Before we start our project, I will walk you through the entire process to ensure you feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Many of your more detailed questions may be answered within these FAQs though if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’m only an email away and we can absolutely have a chat over the phone! Once we kick off our project, I’ll be here for guidance every step of the way.

Oh my gosh, absolutely! I’m not just saying that – I honestly feel that professional, experienced graphic designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that DIY’ers just don’t have #sorrynotsorry. Here’s some home truths – how many ugly websites have you visited and turned away from? How many dysfunctional logos are in your neighbourhood, online and across social media? How many gosh-darn-awful Instagram accounts have you stumbled across and quickly left, never to be thought of again? Probably many. I do it all the time. And it’s because I feel that a serious business invests in the right areas of their brand to give it the best shot of flourishing and succeeding. It might sound mean, but in business-land, it’s the truth!

So yes, it is worth the investment!

This is a wonderful and oh-so-important question. I love working with all sorts of small business owners and my process is adaptable to various industries. I also understand that my fresh, clean aesthetic (with a slight feminine flair!) isn’t a perfect fit with everyone. That’s why I suggest browsing through my portfolio to ensure your vision and my style is a good match. And, I’d definitely suggest booking in a free 20 minute chat with me to discuss your project further. If you’re not keen on doing any homework, working on a timeline and collaborating with a designer, we may not be a good fit!

I’m flipping this freelance game on it’s head! I’ve spent a decade invoicing and I don’t want to faff around with that anymore – it takes up way too much time! So, all my design services are available via an online store format where payment is taken up-front. Don’t be alarmed though! If you have any questions or concerns before purchasing, please flick me an email and we can chat it all out over the phone. I want you to feel confident in choosing me as your designer so I’m here for you, all the way!

Yes! I’m happy to help with the printing process to ensure your final product is exactly how we imagined it. I have a handful of fantastic printers I can recommend to you, ranging in price and services. If you have a go-to printer you’d like to use for your project, I’m happy to work with them as well.

All packages have set revisions included in their description, which is usually three. This helps us keep focus and be time-efficient. Additional revisions beyond what is agreed upon will be billed at my hourly rate but I’ll flag that with you if it looks like we’re heading into those waters!

My turnaround times are listed with each product in my Design Store. Also note that briefs or feedback received late will need to slot into my schedule at another time, which may unfortunately result in much longer turnaround times.

Contact me to find out! I’ll always try to help you meet your personal and/or marketing deadlines. However, when we can start the design process all depends on the nature of your project and how far out my project schedule is currently booked. The sooner you can get in touch, the better!

Although your logo is an undeniably important staple to your visual identity, your visual brand needs and deserves more. Your brand has depth, just like your personality has depth, so your visual identity should be versatile and give you a consistent package of design elements that will keep things interesting and fresh for both you and your audience. That’s why my branding packages include not only a striking and memorable logo, but also logo variations, fonts and colours. And, to give your brand an extra bit of a helping hand to really meet your vision, I’ll create a couple of patterns or graphic elements too!

Short answer: Yes! Using professional photography can make a huge difference in your marketing and help take you to the next level. Hint: Always look at a photographer’s portfolio before hiring them to be sure their style will align with yours!

Oh, this is my magic formula to familiarising myself with your brand vision and to get YOU crystal clear on exactly what your brand image should be. It’s not huge but filling it out thoroughly really helps me understand your brand. There’s homework tasks in it for you too.

Don’t panic! I repeat, don’t panic! I’m here for YOU and to help you achieve the best result possible. I want to hear all your feedback so if you hate it, say so, give me clear and specific feedback and I’ll give it another go. Design is a process so it’s important to stick with it as much as possible, plus I offer three rounds of corrections so there’s plenty of time and scope to get it perfect for you.

I’ll need to address this request on a case-by-case basis but generally I’d charge for the work completed to date and refund the rest.

A 10% cancellation fee will be charged if I don’t hear from you for 3 months after placing your order. I will follow up and try to contact you as best I can via email or phone. If all else fails, I will cancel and refund your order, minus the 10% cancellation fee. I will wait 3 months before cancelling your order because I know life and circumstances can get in the way.

Orders paid via payment plan and subsequently cancelled (or failure to pay each instalment) will also be subject to an admin fee of 10% of the amount paid at the time of cancellation.

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