Yes, you CAN design, even if you don't have a creative bone in your body!

I’d love to share my design wisdom and help you build a beautiful, flourishing brand with my range of online learning courses and workshops.

Your brand deserves to flourish

We all know strong, recognisable visual branding is a huge component of a successful business. It’s what helps you stand out from the crowd, builds trust and loyalty amongst your customers and is recognisably YOU across all your business touch-points.

With some basic design skills under your belt, you can turn everything you create into truly bespoke, beautiful creations that stand out from the same-same Canva-template crowd!

Say buh-bye to dull, unoriginal, overused Canva templates and HELLO to stunning, unique, on-brand graphics designed by YOU!

Design speaks louder than words

Here’s a thought for you! People SEE your brand before they READ what you’re saying.

They see your posts, they see your website, they see your ad campaign. If they like what they see, THEN they’ll hang around and read what you’re saying. If they like that, they’ll follow you, get to know you, come to like you and buy from you. And that, dear lady, is always the aim of the game!

When you’re marketing your business, the design comes first and then the words. Don’t get me wrong, the words and your brand voice are just as important, but it’s the visuals that smack your audience in the eyeballs first!

So, it makes sense to focus on creating amazing graphics which your perfect customers will be drawn to. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place to learn how to do just that!

Design skills CAN be learned!

Things not looking right no matter how long you spend tweaking them? Or perhaps you’re feeling like everything you create is a bit dodgy? Or perhaps upskilling is on your agenda?

Lovely lady, I’ve got you sorted!

I’ll train your eye to look for specific things – once you know what you’re looking for and how to implement my tips and tricks, you’ll see a huge difference in the quality of everything you create.


If the thought of DIY design gives you the heebie-jeebies and you can’t afford to outsource, but you know you need to lift your design game for the sake of your business, my lessons are for you!


If you’re already creating graphics for your business but feel they’re a bit on the ‘blugh’ side, my lessons are for you!

Design savvy

If you’re quite savvy already but want to inject more personality, refinement and finesse to your designs, my lessons are for you!

My lessons focus on teaching core skills you can apply in any design software, including Canva.

Student love!

Design School is going modular!

I’m re-working Design School to be a modular, self-paced experience. Meaning, you can purchase any module as and when you want it, work through it at your own pace and then move onto the next – genius!

[Coming Soon] Module One - All Things Branding!

We’ll start by digging deep and define your brand, your perfect customer, your brand voice and your brand identity. We’ll start working on your brand Style Guide and will build on it as we go through the more creative modules.

[Coming Soon] Module Two - Design Principles

Here’s where we get stuck into learning the fundamentals of design, how to recognise them and how to use them. We’ll learn about proximity, contrast, hierarchy, alignment, balance, negative space, colour, typography and repetition. It may sound daunting, but the easy-peasy task I’ve set will absolutely solidify your learning. This is a module I highly recommend if you’re super serious about upping your design game!

[Coming Soon] Module Three - Typography

We’ll start by learning the basics of typography – typeface anatomy, classification and families. Then we’ll get stuck into font pairing and defining your brand text levels/hierarchy. You’ll become a pro at spotting dodgy kerning and leading and learn why these two things are one of the biggest reasons a design looks blurgh!

[Coming Soon] Module Four - Colour

Here’s where we learn all things colour! We’ll talk about colour theory, choosing and pairing colours. You’ll learn how to beautifully use your colour palette, create colour balance and colour consistency across all your print and digital media.

[Coming Soon] Module Five - Photography

We’ll learn how to use imagery for brand consistency, how to choose and use stock images and you’ll learn some amazingly mind-blowing DIY photography skills!

[Coming Soon] Module Six - Illustration & Pattern

You’ll learn how to integrate illustration and graphic elements into your designs, choose a complimentary brand style and we’ll work on creating a bank of graphics you can use throughout your brand.

[Coming Soon] Module Seven - Page Design & Layout

Here you’ll learn about margins, negative space, hierarchy and the importance of content layout for readability

[Coming Soon] Module Eight - Tech & Tools

You’ll learn the nitty-gritty about screen and print resolution, colour modes and which one to use for what medium, exporting files for print, file types and what’s used for what purpose.

Gorgeous, consistent design attracts your dream audience, builds trust and converts them into raving customers.

Hello, I’m Julie!

I was one of those kids. You know the one. The one who always had impeccably designed cover sheets on their assignments all through school. The one who owned a billion pencils, textas, erasers of all shapes and sizes, a massive sticker collection and a squillion colouring books, notebooks, notepads and scrap books. I loved them all. I loved being crafty and creative and still do. Now I see it was all leading up to me becoming a graphic and book designer – who knew!

I graduated with a degree in graphic design way back in 2001 and my book design career began in 2004. I’ve designed countless books in this time and most notably and recently, a bunch of Bluey books!

I adore what I do and helping lovely ladies create beautiful, flourishing businesses as That Design Lady is an absolute honour. I’d love to teach you my design wisdom so you can go forth and create your gorgeous brand!

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